WWE Smackdown Results Recap grades roman reigns challenges daniel bryan to title match next week

Wwe Smackdown results for the night of July 28 feature a number of high-profile matches, including the main event of Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan. This match was very well-hyped, and prediction videos were played in the locker rooms throughout the evening. During the final hour of the show, the match and hype took over most of the show. In addition, Roman Reigns debuted new entrance music to hype the match.

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

This week’s show featured a highly anticipated match between former World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns and current World Champion Daniel Bryan. After their heated pre-match segment, fans were eagerly awaiting the main event. The match itself had an explosive start as Roman Reigns tossed Daniel Bryan into the ring apron. The two then traded strikes before Roman applied a massive powerbomb. In the ring, Bryan was tripped and landed groin first on the top turnbuckle. The match ended when Bryan passed out due to a guillotine.

Before the match, Reigns and Bryan announced their main event for next week. Roman Reigns then challenged Daniel Bryan to a match for the Universal Championship and added a stipulation that Bryan must win the match to stay on the blue brand. After the match, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan were interviewed by Kayla Braxton. After their interview, Dominick talked about the accomplishments of his father, Rey discussed the challenges that he faces in the ring and his desire to become the first Father-Son tag team champion.

Overall, this week’s SmackDown episode was disappointing. Although the main event was an excellent match, it was poorly paced, centered around the match, and had few storylines. Reigns will move onto a feud with Cesaro, while Bryan will end his Smackdown run. The opening promo segment, though entertaining, did not make sense and did not have much strategy for the Elimination Chamber.

Kevin Owens vs Apollo Crews

As far as WWE Smackdown go, the show was a mixed bag. Kevin Owens’s rematch with Apollo Crews was one of the better matches, but there are other good moments as well. Big E managed to get the crowd pumped with his charisma and power, and it seemed like it was just the right match for him to take the Intercontinental Championship. Reigns and Big E would have been a great main event, but the big men in their divisions were simply too much.

Roman Reigns was a surprise guest on Smackdown. He showed up with his teammate Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. He told Daniel Bryan that he didn’t want to face him, even though he’d accepted the challenge a few weeks ago. He also questioned why Bryan didn’t want to face him, and then gave him the contract.

The big E took control of the match in the early part of the match, catching both crews with a headlock and connecting with blows to the face. He also managed to escape the ringside brawlers after their clash. Apollo Crews, however, made a late comeback with his power and escaped a Cannonball attack by Big E. Roman reigns also challenges Daniel Bryan, which would be an interesting match to watch.

Cesaro vs Bayley

Wrestling’s biggest night continued with Cesaro vs. Bayley as the two women battled for the WWE Intercontinental Title. As the match progressed, Bayley attacked Cesaro with a flying clothesline. The two superstars battled each other to the mat, but Cesaro won by submission and sent the heels to the locker room.

At the end of the night, two championship games ended with a tense match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. After the match, Roman Reigns retained the WWE championship and kicked Daniel Bryan out of the locker room. While this was not the end of the show, Reigns’ post-game actions will certainly have implications for the WWE brand.

Backstage, Cesaro and Jey Uso were talking to each other about what would happen if they fought. The two argued back and forth about the next move. Jey Uso and Seth Rollins interrupted, but Cesaro did not back down and continued to challenge Reigns. Both men circled the ring until Daniel Bryan entered.

Cesaro vs Bianca Belair

The Mixed Tag Team Match between Cesaro and Bianca will continue the intense rivalry between these two in WWE. The first encounter took place at WWE Hell in a Cell where Cesaro fell to Seth Rollins and Bianca Belair defeated Bayley. Now, the two will team up to take on Seth Rollins and Bayley at WWE Smackdown.

The match opened with a shoulder block from Otis, which nearly caused a fall for both men. Both were distracted by Gable, but Otis managed to land a spinebuster on Cesaro. After the break, Gable distracted Cesaro enough for Otis to slam her with a dropkick. Cesaro fought back by sending Otis into the ring post.

The match continues with both women looking to get the win. Belair is confident in her abilities and delivers a strong uppercut before Rollins can counter it. She is forced to disqualify with The Cesaro Swing, which Rollins quickly counters with The Edge-O-Matic. After the match, Rollins drops Cesaro with The Roaring Elbow.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Apollo Crews

During the Shinsuke Nakamura versus Apollo Crews at WWE Smackdown on Monday, the Intercontinental Champion won by pinning Apollo Crews, who held the title for nearly four months. Apollo Crews defended the championship only once during his 150-day reign. The match will be the first time since Nakamura’s victory over Big E at WrestleMania 37 that both men have defended their titles.

The Intercontinental Championship match was intense, as both men used unconventional offense to win the title. Apollo was caught in a roll-up pin attempt on the middle rope, but the referee stopped him. After the match, King Nakamura slammed Apollo on the mat with an “Attitude Adjustment” type suplex, which finished the match.

The match lasted just over three minutes. Apollo Crews walked into the ring with his teammates. However, the audience wasn’t as excited. The crowd booed their champions. In the end, both men were thrown out of the ring. Nakamura won the Intercontinental Championship by defeating Apollo Crews, who formerly held it.

Kevin Owens vs Kevin Owens

After the WWE Smackdown results show on Friday, Daniel Bryan challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. The match took place in the middle of the night, and the two men ended up trading blows and squabbles. Roman was clearly the more popular of the two, but Bryan still made the show worth watching. In addition to his aggressive and cocky personality, Bryan is also known for being a very tough competitor. It was clear that he will be the best if he can defeat Daniel Bryan.

Reigns said he didn’t want to fight Daniel Bryan, but Cesaro insisted that he accept the challenge. Roman was furious when Cesaro told him that the Universal Champ wouldn’t save his cousin, but Cesaro was unable to stop him. The two men returned to the stage and watched the match, with Cesaro being present.

When the match was in the middle of the night, Reigns tried to apply a guillotine, but was saved by Jey Uso and Cesaro. He then proceeded to hit Bryan with a Swanton bomb and an arm submission. Reigns then made it back up and slammed Bryan onto the floor. Afterward, Reigns hit him with a diving headbutt, but was caught by the guardrail.

Tamina & Natalya attack the women’s tag champions

The next smackdown will feature the universal champion roman reigns challenging Daniel Bryan at the fastlane. The two had met earlier and the latter won the steel cage match against jey uso. Last week, the two were at a steel cage match. However, Roman Reigns challenged Daniel Bryan and said that he did not like Daniel Bryan. Nonetheless, Cesaro insisted that Daniel Bryan accept his challenge.

Seth Rollins and Jey Uso attempted a surprise match after Cesaro stepped into the ring. The match ended when Jey Uso attacked and Daniel Bryan countered into a rollup. Jey and Seth went for a Buckle Bomb and nearly won, but Bryan was able to win the match by using his Running Knee. Bryan and Cesaro mocked Roman Reigns during the match.

The babyfaces had the advantage in the early stages of the match. However, Roman was able to capitalize on this by ignoring Daniel Bryan’s taunts. He then walked into Jey’s side and hit him with a spinning side slam. The match was a back and forth between the four superstars. In the second half, Cesaro gained momentum and attempted the Swing, but Jey Uso countered with an enziguiguiguiguiguirido.

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