Watch Wisconsin Breaks Dukes Mayo Bowl Trophy looks like they might douse coach in mayonnaise after win

As the Badgers break the Duke Mayo Bowl trophy, you may be wondering how exactly they did it. Thankfully, they used their offense and defense to win the game. The Badgers had five rushing touchdowns and four consecutive interceptions, while Wake Forest finished 4-5. The following is a recap of the game. And as always, don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast to catch the latest college football highlights and recaps.

Badgers defeat Demon Deacons in Duke’s Mayo Bowl

The Wisconsin Badgers won the Duke’s Mayo Bowl last week, but the team’s championship trophy seems to have met its end. The trophy shattered after Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz dropped it in the locker room. The trophy, fashioned in the shape of a football, was made of Lenox crystal, but the glass top is cracked. The trophy now rests on the locker room floor.

The Wisconsin offense wasn’t explosive, but they outgained the Demon Deacons, 518-266. The Badgers averaged 2.8 yards per rush, and their defense was the reason for that. After taking a knee, Mertz high-fived his teammates and coaches. During the game, another Wisconsin player, safety Eric Burrell, doused Duke’s head coach Paul Chryst with a water-filled Mayo Bowl jug.

The Wisconsin Badgers had a tough season, missing three games, and being isolated from their families. But they had a strong desire to play in a bowl game. They played for each other and for themselves. Despite the difficulties, they are still the most valuable team in college football. The Mayo Bowl trophy is a reminder that this team was no longer mediocre.

While the Wisconsin Badgers defeated the Demon Deacons, their Mayo Bowl trophy looked like it was going to fall apart and be destroyed in the locker room. Luckily, the team’s win should give Wisconsin’s fans some excitement for next season. Nevertheless, the trophy, which had a football-shaped base, has not yet been recovered.

Mertz throws for 130 yards

Mertz’s near-perfect debut against Illinois was impressive for his first start as a starting quarterback in college football. In one of the best PFF College games in recent memory, the redshirt freshman completed all of his passes with accuracy and composure. The youngster has supreme talent and an infectious confidence that is impossible to ignore. The sample size may not be large, but he’s certainly worth watching.

The biggest question is how Wisconsin handles this game with a four-star quarterback. If Mertz throws for 130 yards, the Badgers can win this game. However, the Badgers have to score the first points of the game and then must put together a response drive. Michigan also needs to win the turnover battle, as Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz is notorious for throwing interceptions. In the 41-13 loss to Notre Dame, Mertz threw four interceptions. In the game against Penn State, Mertz had two picks.

In the game against Minnesota, Mertz was the difference between the Badgers’ bowl bid and a loss. On the final series, Mertz completed two passes for a touchdown and dropped another for a second. On the next play, he scrambled for seven yards and ran for a touchdown down to the Minnesota 4-yard line. After the game, Mertz lifted his arms to celebrate with his teammates and coaches.

Mertz threw for 130 yards in the Mayo Bowl victory over Wake Forest. He had two short touchdowns on the day, as well. When he was huddling with the trophy afterward, the top of the crystal football fell off and shattered. However, this omen may have some significance in the future for Mertz. He’s been known to throw for big numbers and has a knack for the big play.

Hartman’s timing

As the duo tried to run out the clock, the timing of Blake Hartman was off. After throwing a horrid pass intended for Hallett and Roberson, the sophomore quarterback rolled into coverage and threw the ball poorly. Thankfully, Hallett was able to pick it off and return it for a touchdown, earning him MVP honors. Hartman was held to a quiet bench for several minutes following the interception, but he was eventually hugged by coach Jim Clawson, who defended him after the game.

Regardless of how the Mayo Bowl ended, it’s clear that the Badgers deserved their victory. In addition to the great play by Mertz, Wisconsin’s defense was the key to their victory. They picked off Wake Forest quarterback Sam Hartman four times in the second half and cruised through the fourth quarter. The trophy, a Lenox crystal football, shattered in the locker room and fell to the floor.

Despite the inaccuracy of their offense, Wake Forest responded well against the Pittsburgh defense. In a pass-heavy drive, the Demon Deacons moved 75 yards. They scored on the first down at the five-yard line with a touchdown on a redshirt junior wide receiver Jaquarii Roberson’s one-yard touchdown catch. Then in the final minutes, their offense went cold.

Despite a bad start, the Blue Devils have a chance to win their third consecutive bowl game. Hartman’s timing as Wisconsin breaks the Mayo bowl trophy looks like it might douse the Wisconsin offense. Despite Duke’s rematch, the Wildcats won’t let Duke’s upset hopes die quickly. Hartman will have to be more consistent to lead his team to victory.

Oreos dipped in mayonnaise

If you want to know how to celebrate a big win, watch Wisconsin break the Duke’s Mayo Bowl trophy. The Badgers beat Wake Forest 42-28 in an epic game that showcased the strength of Wisconsin’s defense and running game. Mertz threw four touchdown passes and picked off Demon Deacons quarterback Sam Hartman four times, leading to a huge second half and fourth quarter. But the best part of the game was the way Wisconsin’s defense held Wake Forest off, forcing four straight interceptions and securing a victory. Coach Paul Chryst was forgiving, despite his team’s trophy breaking.

So, what happened in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl? Wisconsin beat Wake Forest 42-28, but they were soaked in mayonnaise and smashed the Duke’s mayo bowl trophy in the locker room after the game. Mayonnaise is a condiment that most people have strong opinions about, but most of us would not want a can of the stuff dumped on our faces.

Mertz apologizes for fumbling the trophy

Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz made a major error during the Dukes Mayo Bowl game and dropped the crystal football, breaking it into a billion pieces. He quickly apologized for his misstep, affixing a plastic bottle of Dukes mayonnaise to the trophy’s base. The trophy was promptly replaced, and Mertz’s teammates were not too happy, either.

The redshirt freshman quarterback apologized after the game, and the university has already replaced the crystal football. A few years later, Mertz’s name will be linked to the incident, and he will be remembered for closing out the 2020 season with a perfect score. However, the scouting video footage from this game may take a toll on his draft stock. Mertz doesn’t look particularly sturdy on his feet and he loses his grip without a defender touching him. Even with a solid pocket around him, he’ll have a tough time keeping it. As a result, Mel Kiper will have a field day with the footage.

Last year’s championship game was marred by controversy, and fans weren’t happy with the result. Fans were tempted to vote for the Tar Heels, but neither the Gamecocks nor the Tar Heels responded to the request for a mayo bath. The Dukes Mayo Bowl is slated to take place on Dec. 30. If the Tar Heels win, Mertz’s mayo bath could become a reality. And who knows, he may be covered in the stuff.

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