The Celtics threw everything at Stephen Curry in the NBA Finals, and the Warriors star still destroyed them

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter that the NBA has ever seen. The Warriors extended their dynasty, winning their fourth title in eight years behind his transcendent talent. Some of the best coaches in the world have been trying to game plan a way around his offense ever since the Warriors started their run in 2015. No one has found a solution.

And yet, rather than soaking in Curry‘s greatness after another phenomenal Finals performance, there were still criticisms before, during and after the games expressing frustration with how the Celtics didn’t guard him correctly or make enough adjustments.

Here is the God’s honest truth: There is no way to guard Curry. He is simply unstoppable. If a magical, game-changing adjustment could neutralize him, it would have already been discovered by now.

Those constant calls for adjustments deny the brilliance staring us all right in the face. Curry is going to figure out a way to beat every single defense that teams try against him. The Celtics threw the kitchen sink at him in Game 6. They executed their game plan well — and it didn’t matter.

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