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Los Angeles Rams
The Los Angeles Rams football logo consists of a distinctive shape with a slight slope to the
The text is written in a custom sans serif font, and it is blue with a yellow-orange curving
shape and a pointed end, resembling a ram’s horn. The Rams’ logo also uses a gradient to
suggest evolution and dynamics, evoking a sense of progress.
Despite the fact that the original Los Angeles Rams football logo was the first to use a blue
background, it was not immediately clear that it would stay that way. A more recent version of
the Los Angeles Rams football logo, adopted in 1951, features a ram charging with its mouth
wide open. The original Rams logo had a rounded edge. The new logo features a similar
design to the first, but is a bit simpler.
The Rams’ visual identity was based on the color scheme of blue and white, which primarily
included the horns. However, the team did not use this color scheme throughout the first two
decades of their existence. The colors were changed to gold and royal blue in 1938 and gold
helmets and white pants with a solid royal blue stripe were introduced in the mid-1940s. The
blue and yellow color scheme emphasized the team’s positive attitude and strength.
The Los Angeles Rams have a history of changing locations. The original team was founded in
Cleveland, Ohio, and played in the Coliseum until 1946. In 1995, the team relocated to St.
Louis, and then in 2016 they returned to their original home in Los Angeles. They now play at
SoFi Stadium, the same stadium as the Los Angeles Chargers. If you haven’t heard of the
Cleveland Rams, you are not alone. It’s just a matter of searching the internet. Just remember
to keep this fact in mind when searching for a Los Angeles Rams football logo png.
In the 1988 season, the team won the NFC West, and was 10-6. The following season, the
team lost to the Ravens in the wild card round and was eliminated from the playoffs. The team
went on to win their final five games in 1989, beating the defending champion San Francisco
49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles before losing to the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl LVI.
This year, the Rams were in their second straight Super Bowl appearance and won the title.
Their first season in St. Louis
The Los Angeles Rams changed their logo during the mid-80s. The team’s old logo featured
text in a bright blue and yellow color scheme. The ram’s head was not adorned with a mutton’s
head, but instead remained painted in white. This new logo was placed over the main
wordmark, and was easily recognizable because of its contrast with the original.
The name was changed to reflect the team’s relocation from St. Louis, and the team’s logo
changed with it. The letter “Rams” was now in blue with a yellow shadow. The ram image,
which included gold horns, had an outline in the same color. The team’s logo was a bold
change, and the new name and colors were a great addition to their new identity.
The Los Angeles Rams have moved locations several times during their eighty-year history.
They played in Cleveland from 1936 to 1946, then moved to St. Louis for five seasons, and
back to Los Angeles in 2016. Despite their long tenure in St. Louis, the Rams have not been
able to transition to their new home with their current uniforms. In fact, they have spent the
past few seasons sporting a mismatched helmet and uniform combination.
The Los Angeles Rams football team’s new logo changed colors after the 1995 season.
Instead of the gold, the logo’s color was replaced with blue. In the following season, the team
decided to switch to a new supplier of uniforms, Nike. They introduced an alternate logo that

incorporated the “Rams” wordmark with a curve, a hint of horns, and a new inscription that
reads, “Gateway to the West”.
In their second season, the Rams finished at 7-9, missing the playoffs for the third consecutive
season. The team also missed the playoffs because Sam Bradford sat out the entire season
due to a hamstring injury. Shaun Hill and Austin Davis took over the quarterback position
during the 2014 season. In the playoffs, the Rams were defeated by the Atlanta Falcons in the
divisional round.
Their rivalry with the San Francisco 49ers
The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers have a long and storied rivalry. The
Seahawks won their first meeting 42-13 in the season opener, and the 49ers lost the Divisional
Round matchup to the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams had numerous similarities, including future
quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, and head coaches Jim Harbaugh and Pete
Carroll couldn’t stand each other.
This season’s NFC Wild Card Round will pit the 49ers against the Cowboys, and the two teams
have been bitter rivals for decades. The last time the two teams met in the playoffs was 1994,
and most of the current roster is too young to remember the rivalry’s glory days. However, the
Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers will meet again in 2022. The matchup has many
exciting moments in its history.
After the Rams moved back to Los Angeles in 2016, the rivalry was restored. The Rams won
three division titles in the 1980s, and the 49ers struggled to win a game in the next few
seasons. In recent years, however, the Rams have stepped up their game and are playing in
the NFC Championship Game on November 9th. The Rams, who lost the AFC West division
title in 2016, have won two of the last three division championships.

The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco Niners have had some heated battles in the past.
In the playoffs following the 1988 season, the Cowboys and 49ers met in Dallas, but the
Niners won the game by a final score of 30-3. This matchup is considered the most
competitive in the NFC West. In addition to the divisional playoffs, both teams have played in
the Super Bowl five times, a record that is hard to top.
The Rams were the more successful team in the 1970s. The 49ers were the superior team in
the NFC West during this decade, and they won three Super Bowls. Their rivalry was short
lived, however, as the NFL realigned into eight divisions in 2002. After the merger, the Rams
lost the NFC Championship game in 1989, but this rivalry continued, with the Rams going 7-0
against the 49ers in the 1995 season.
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