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If you love following professional sports, you’ve probably heard of pro sports daily, but what is it? What are the benefits? And is it worthwhile? There are four major types of pro sports: the NFL, NBA, MLB and the PGA Tour. Which is best? Let’s explore each in more detail. What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when following any of these pro sports? Here are some tips for you to stay up to date and informed:


For the latest rumors and news on your favorite team, try’s NBA section. It features rumors, statistics, and videos, as well as an interactive fan forum. You’ll find everything from player interviews to fantasy leagues. It’s easy to keep up with the NBA’s hottest topics and players. Whether you love the Heat, Pacers, or Cavs, has everything you need to know about the NBA.

Bleacher Report: Billed as “powered by NBA enthusiasts,” NBA Dimensions features news, rumors, and fan chatter. NBA news and stats are updated frequently on this site, and its blog is frequented by pro basketball fans. You’ll find dozens of team-specific blogs on the NBA-dedicated corner of the blogosphere, and a simple search will bring up multiple results. It’s also a good idea to check out Bleacher Report’s NBA section for breaking news, rumors, and more.

PGA Tour

For those who are passionate about golf, it’s not unusual to have questions about the sport, and the PGA Tour is no exception. The organization is comprised of professional golfers, and the Tour has recently relaxed its rules regarding gambling and liquor company endorsements. Here are some common questions and answers. Read on to find out more! After all, it’s not just any golf tournament that counts. Among the other events, the PGA Tour includes some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world.

The PGA Tour is known for its strong field, and the players are divided into groups based on their prior accomplishments. The Tour doesn’t allow players to play early Thursday and late Friday too many weeks, for example, so players are grouped according to their respective strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, the Tour’s officials decide when play must be halted due to weather conditions. Nevertheless, the players and their supporters are largely unaffected by weather delays, so it is worth keeping an eye out for news and updates on the PGA Tour.

Players earn their spots on the PGA TOUR by achieving certain points on the priority ranking system. Priority Rankings are posted on the official website of the PGA Tour. There are also pre-qualifying tournaments for which players must meet certain criteria. To qualify for a tournament, players must first qualify for it through their ranking system, and in some cases, these pre-qualifying events can help a player advance.

Another great way to follow the PGA Tour is on GOLFTV powered by the PGA TOUR. You can watch the live broadcasts of both the Champions Tour and the Korn Ferry Tour. The Golf Channel broadcast team includes hosts and analysts such as David Feherty and Nick Faldo. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make better choices for your PGA DFS lineups, this is definitely worth checking out.

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