Tips For Buying Prescription Sport Sunglasses

When shopping for a pair of prescription sport sunglasses, there are several factors to consider. Some of these factors are face size, UV protection, lens density, and tints. All of these things should be considered, as well as comfort. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your budget and style. However, here are some tips to help you find the perfect pair of prescription sport sunglasses for yourself. Read on to find out more. Once you have decided on the style and features you are looking for, you can start your shopping experience.

Face size

The size of the frame of a pair of prescription sport sunglasses should match the face of the wearer. This measurement will help you determine which frame size will fit you best. The length of the ‘arm’ on the sunglasses frame is also important. You must be able to stand in the glasses for the whole day. If you’re short, you’ll want to buy sunglasses with smaller frame size. This way, you can easily wear them without worrying about getting sun damage.

Lens density

While prescription sport sunglasses are usually made with high-index plastic lenses, they can also be made with lighter-weight Trivex lenses. Trivex lenses are 16% lighter than common plastic lenses and 8% lighter than the heaviest of high-index plastic lenses. Lenses with a polarized coating are recommended for sports and other activities where a high-index lens won’t give adequate protection from the sun’s UV rays.

UV protection

When selecting the perfect pair of UV protection prescription sport sunglasses, you have to remember that eyeglasses aren’t the only consideration. Price is also an important factor, and the most durable glasses can be found at prices that are well below average. However, be wary of the “classic” style of prescription sunglasses, which often fall short of their stated performance standards. You want to get a pair of sports sunglasses that will give you maximum protection from harmful rays without sacrificing comfort or hold.

Lens tints

Whether you’re wearing your prescription sport sunglasses during a day on the beach or training for a marathon, you’ll want to consider lens tints. Lens tints will help reduce eye strain, improve contrast, and reduce blue light. Choose a tint that matches the type of activity you’re pursuing. For example, a rosy tint will improve driving visibility and increase the depth of field. In winter, a red lens can reduce eye strain while preventing glare.


Sports sunglasses are an essential part of any athlete’s equipment, and they can help athletes see obstacles and improve their performance. Whether a baseball player is trying to hit a ball, or trying to keep an eye on his or her feet, a pair of sunglasses can help them focus on the game. Many leading brands offer stylish and high-performing polarized prescription sport sunglasses. Wiley X, for example, makes durable eyeglasses that can withstand the harshest impact.


Prescription sport sunglasses can be expensive and can be tricky to get, but discounts on these items are available to people who can prove their need for them. Online retailers such as Lensabl will allow you to order prescription sport sunglasses for your favourite sport at a discounted rate. You can take advantage of their online eye exam service that requires a computer or mobile device and 15 minutes. Once you complete your exam, you will receive a prescription via email. Lensabl also offers a 20% sitewide discount and ships within two weeks.

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