Powerstands Racing Mirrors

There are several types of racing mirrors available on the market. You can choose from bar
end, traditional oval, or sickle shapes. You can even find mirrors that display turn signals,
skeleton hands, and sickles, all while looking sharp. Whether you’re planning on racing on a
dirt track or at the drag strip, you’ll find a variety of powerstands for racing mirrors.
PSR Denali Dual-Sport Mirror (Black) 00-00214-22
The CNC-machined billet aluminum body of the PSR Denali Dual-Sport Mirror is made to be
durable, lightweight, and easy to mount. It has a ball-mounting system with a one-inch ball at
the end that folds out of the way when mounted. The mirror’s face measures 5.25in. x 3.5in.,
while its overall length is seven inches.
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If you’re looking for a new way to dress up your ride, consider one of the many options
available from Powerstands. Choose from the classic tube and traditional oval designs, or opt for a
bar end mirror with turn signals and skeleton hands for a fun, retro look. You can even add
sickles for a little extra flair! And with a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, you’ll
have no trouble finding one that’s perfect for your ride.
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The patented adjustable design of PSR’s powerstands allows for easy adjustment. The levers
are made of CNC-machined aluminum and offer six positions to suit different riders’ needs.
The PSR GP Pro powerstands have adjustable footpegs that feature a spring-loaded hinge for
easy folding under impact. The adjustable riser increases ground clearance and eliminates
corner drag. They are available in several finishes.
Besides being designed for racers, Powerstands Racing produces high-performance
motorcycle parts. Its products are a perfect combination of style, quality, and durability. You
will be able to feel confident in your performance when you install PSR parts.
You can even
get a custom-designed bike with a PSR mirror set. If you’re not satisfied with the standard
stock mirrors, you can choose from a wide variety of PSR products.
For the ultimate protection of your motorcycle, PSR frame sliders are an essential accessory.
They keep your frame away from the asphalt, preventing expensive bodywork repairs. Other
crash protection products from PSR include brake rotor guards and engine case armor. PSR
USA also sells adjustable kickstands that can be adjusted to your desired height. Each stand
is made of forged aluminum and features a wide range of adjustments to fit your needs
kickstands are made of forged aluminum to ensure durable support and a lifetime of use.

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