i9 sports is a youth sports league

i9 Sports Franchise Opportunities

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity for a youth sports league, you may want to try i9 sports. However, if you want to be successful with this franchise, you must be aware of some important facts. This disorganized sport can be detrimental to kids. Here are some of those facts.

i9 sports is a youth sports league

i9 Sports is a national youth sports league franchise with over 1 million registered players across the country. The company offers youth leagues, clinics, and camps that teach healthy competition and sportsmanship. They focus on age-appropriate instruction and convenient scheduling.

i9 sports is a franchise opportunity

i9 Sports franchise opportunities are designed to provide kids with an outlet for their competitive spirit. The program is family friendly, and all coaches are background checked. Parents are also required to sign the Parental Pledge, which promotes concussion safety. The company also offers zero fundraisers and same-day practice.

i9 sports is a disorganized sport

Frank started the i9 Sports Association in 2006 with the goal of providing grants to young people in the community who need financial assistance to play sports. It provided financial assistance to 500 kids during the first five years of operation. In 2008, Frank brought on Brian Sanders as Chief Operating Officer, helping him to expand the business nationally.

i9 sports is harmful to kids

i9 Sports has made youth sports more accessible, affordable and enjoyable for kids. Parents can register their children for one sport or a combination of sports and play as many as they like for $120 or $160 per session. Parents also don’t have to worry about purchasing equipment. i9 sports also offers parents online tools for scheduling activities, reminders and snacks. In addition, it includes a Parental Pledge to ensure that kids stay healthy.

i9 sports is over-aggressive

The i9 sports league is a curious model for a youth sports league. Founded a decade ago in the suburbs of Tampa, the franchise has become one of the fastest-growing in the country. But some parents have expressed concerns about its aggressive and sometimes violent tactics.

i9 sports is burnout-inducing

The i9 Sports league is an odd beast. It was founded in the suburbs of Tampa, Florida, 10 years ago, and it has become one of the most rapidly growing youth sports franchises in the country. While the league isn’t perfect, it does have some advantages. Among these is its low cost – parents pay only $120 to $160 per sport, and there are no equipment fees. In addition, i9 parents receive email reminders and standardized uniforms. Parents can even monitor their child’s snack schedules on their website, which is a helpful feature.

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