How the GWAC Schedules Sports

If you are a school or parish with a team that plays in the GWAC, you can request a schedule
for the upcoming season. The deadline for requesting a schedule is when the sports coordinator
submits all the necessary paperwork. The coordinator will then forward your request to the
GWAC for scheduling consideration. While the GWAC tries to accommodate every request,
individual players or personal coaches will not be considered due to the volume and priority of
parish events.
The GSAC is an athletic conference that features schools in Northern, Central, and Southern
California. Teams from the GSAC consistently rank in the NAIA’s top 25 in every sport. Many
of the schools also compete for regional honors and have hosted national championships. The
schedule of GSAC sports is extensive, ranging from soccer to basketball to volleyball. It’s also
important to note that GSAC schedules will include open weeks.

The GSAC has released its new spring schedules, which will feature six schools in one pod
and four in another. There will be no crossover games between these two groups. The
women’s soccer conference tournament will begin on April 6 and run through the 10th. Men’s
soccer will start on April 17 and will wrap up on April 25. William Jessup University will host
the GSAC cross country championship on November 7.
The GWAC schedules sports for schools in the parish. Teams are placed in divisions according
to their ability to compete in a sport. The sports coordinator is responsible for evaluating each
team and making the appropriate placements. GWAC guidelines require sports coordinators to
carefully evaluate each team before assigning them to a division. If a school has two 5/6 A
teams and two 5/6 B teams, they must be equally divided.
Requests for GWAC schedules
The GWAC schedules are available for a variety of sports, including football and baseball. In
addition to football and baseball, the conference also offers basketball, volleyball, and cross
country. Each team must be evaluated before a division is assigned. The GWAC’s placement
guidelines require schools to divide teams evenly. Requests for GWAC schedules must be
submitted by a school’s sports coordinator to be considered.
GSAC plans to eliminate minimum purchase thresholds
Congress has approved a proposed rule that would increase acquisition thresholds for various
items, including sports equipment and supplies. The rule combines sections of the 2017 and
2018 NDAA to create a single, simple acquisition threshold. However, many rules are delayed
by Congress, so the rules aren’t implemented right away. For example, in March 2018, the
GSA increased its micro-purchase threshold, and in September 2018, the DoD raised its
simplified acquisition threshold.
GSAC plans to consolidate schedules
As part of its reorganization, the GSA has announced that it plans to consolidate the existing
schedules for all sports into one, mega-scheduled solicitation. This consolidation will happen
through Mass Modification for most vendors, but it may be more complicated for those
companies that already have multiple schedules. This consolidation does not affect the VA
schedule, but it will affect all sports contracting agencies in the region.

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