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The Hancock County School Board heard an update on several projects and approved several capital improvements. The board approved a high school special education teacher for the next two years and an easement for widening U.S. 60 West. The board also approved a new test for grades three through eight. Read the articles below to learn more about these projects. After reading them, you will have a better idea of what is going on in your community.

Hancock County Board of Education approves capital improvement projects

A long list of school improvement projects has been approved by the Hancock County Board of Education, but a $1.6 million bond will not increase taxes for residents. The projects will improve facilities at the Hancock Career Technical Center and Hancock High School, two of the district’s oldest campuses. The projects will help the schools upgrade the cafeteria and the Performing Arts Center, as well as update the school’s athletic facilities.

A new elementary school is a priority for the city of Lebanon. The city hopes to raise teacher pay and reduce class size with the capital projects cash. A new operating referendum is also scheduled for Lebanon in January. The city expects to raise teacher pay and add school resource officers. Meanwhile, the Mt. Vernon school board approved the levy with 55% of the vote and plans to spend $3 million annually.

A baseball field and softball field at Weir High School are among the improvements slated for the high school campus. A representative of McKinley and Associates, which designed the projects, presented their latest designs and timelines at a recent Hancock County Board of Education meeting. The softball field will be redesigned and include a press box, while the baseball field will have a new diamond next to the current field.

Hancock County School Board approves easement for widening of U.S. 60 West

The easement will enable Hancock County to increase the capacity of its roadway network. In addition, it will improve safety and quality of life for travelers. To achieve this goal, the county must reduce the number of access points to arterial roads. In Hancock County, this goal is accomplished through improved access management, shared entrances, and inter-parcel connections. In addition, it must improve alternative transportation options.

Hancock County School Board approves high school special education teacher for 2022-2023

The Hancock County School Board approved a position for a high school special education teacher in the district’s Mehlville Educational Service Center. The new position will be filled by the current assistant principal at Neuwoehner High School. Schwaegel previously served as an area coordinator for the Mehlville School District, where she supervised special education teachers and collaborated with early childhood staff. She has five years of teaching experience in the Special School District. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Southeast Missouri State University and a Master of Arts in school administration and educational specialist degree in educational leadership from Lindenwood University.

In May, the school board approved a graduation date for the class of 2021-2022 at 6 p.m., setting the last day of school to May 26. In other news, the board also approved a new special needs bus for the high school. The school board also approved a new 2022-2023 calendar for all public schools in the district. The district’s 2021-2022 calendar will apply to all public schools, including Hancock Public Schools. The school district will no longer accept out-of-district students.

The board also approved a district attendance calendar and a school planning day. Additionally, the school board approved a science fiction piece in the calendar to inspire students. In the year ahead, the district will hire a high school special education teacher in Hart County. The new teacher will be hired for the 2022-2023 school year and will have a variety of duties. These positions are vital to the education of the children in the district.

During the meeting, Mr. Bregoli reviewed the 2022-2023 school calendar. The calendar has been reviewed by the Policy Subcommittee. If approved, the calendar will be voted upon at the March 23, 2022 meeting. The meeting is open to the public. This contract will last for five years. Typically, the salaries will be approximately $25,000.

Hancock County School Board approves new test for grades three through eight

The Hancock County School Board has approved a new testing protocol for grades three through eight. Students in the county will have an opportunity to take the new tests this year. The test is intended to test students’ knowledge of math, science, and reading. It is based on the same standards as the SAT and ACT tests. In addition to the new test, the school board will be reviewing several other tests.

Kaser’s background in education includes work as a certified registered nurse anesthetist. He has been active with the Autism Society of West Virginia for 12 years and has two children in the school system. Kaser is a former school board member who served from 1989 to 1998, serving as president for two years and representing the district in the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission for six years. He is currently on the Advisory Board for the John D. Rockefeller Career Center.

CRCT testing in grades three to eight will be replaced by Georgia Milestones assessment. It is also known as End of Course Testing (EOCT). Grimes explained the test and its differences from the CRCT. She added that the new test will be given to 30 percent of students statewide and will require teachers to administer the test online. Similarly, the new assessment will also be administered by non-tested subjects such as social studies and physical education.

The test will include a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, and will begin at 7:30 AM at Hancock Elementary and 7:45 AM at LaBrum Middle School. Students are also expected to report to their designated bus stops at the correct times. On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, students will attend Hancock Elementary School for the entire day. Lunch will be served at noon. Dismissal will be at 2:24 pm at Hancock Elementary School.

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