Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort Results Belfort Stops EX Champ in first round of pathetic main event

Evander Holyfield has protested the stoppage of their fight, arguing that he would rather fight Mike Tyson than a second time in the ring. Belfort called out Jake Paul to fight in his $30 million Triller showdown. Live updates and highlights of the Holyfield vs. Belfort fight were provided by Sporting News.

evander holyfield vs vitor belfort

In the main event of a UFC showdown on March 29, former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield was stopped by the former unified champion, by TKO, in the first round. Holyfield was clearly in a diminished state and was unable to withstand significant punches, and the former champ looked as if he was a knockout candidate. In his post-fight speech, Belfort used Holyfield’s knockout as an opportunity to cut a promo. The referee then stepped in to save Holyfield, who was clearly not able to take significant punches. However, Holyfield was still able to take a knockdown after absorbing nearly two dozen shots from the ex-champ.

The fight was originally scheduled to feature Oscar De La Hoya and Evander Holyfield, and the matchup was one of the best PPV events of 2020. However, Belfort’s ringside presence prompted the California State Athletic Commission to balk at sanctioning the event with Holyfield. Despite the fact that Evander Holyfield was in great shape, he was unable to land a knockout blow on Belfort.

The fight between former boxing champion Evander Holyfield and UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belt was a highly anticipated matchup. The former champion had fought twice before and had won UFC light heavyweight belts. However, his last fight was in 2011 and he failed to win. Belfort dominated Holyfield from the first bell and won in the first round. The former champion said he was upset with the referee and continued to press Holyfield until he was stopped by the ref.

Both former champions had a lot at stake in this bout. Evander Holyfield, a four-time heavyweight champion, had not fought in 10 years before replacing Oscar De La Hoya, who was forced to withdraw due to COVID-19. Belfort, on the other hand, has been out of the ring for just over a year. The winner of the bout is likely to end up being a former light heavyweight champion.

The boxing comeback of Evander Holyfield ended in defeat, as the ex-champ was knocked out in the first round by MMA legend Vitor Balfort. Holyfield, who turned 59 this month, was in great shape for his age, but he was clearly no longer the fighter he once was. Belfort took Holyfield to the canvas in a first-round knockout, and he eventually had him pinned on the canvas.

In the co-main event, Anderson Silva knocked out Tito Ortiz in the first round with a powerful counter right hand. The UFC showdown reenacted the attacks of September 11, 2001. Anderson Silva and Holyfield will be stepping into the ring for the second time, but the former MMA champion had never fought outside of the UFC.

evander holyfield vs

In a matchup of heavyweights, Holyfield fought for the first time in seven years, after a devastating knockout loss to Vitor, in the ring with Frank Belfort. Holyfield was in great shape before the fight and looked to be in top form. After an earlier rematch, Holyfield’s 59th birthday was overshadowed by the scandal surrounding his fight with Belfort. While he was fighting for a promotion called Covid-19, Holyfield was battling for his license after a scandal involving his drug use.

In the last decade, Evander Holyfield has fought only three times, and his last bout was over a decade ago. But he didn’t have the same success in the ring as he did when he won the UFC title in 1996. Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort results show that the former champion of mixed martial arts lost his first fight and may never be the same fighter again.

While this fight was widely anticipated, the ring was not as hyped as a UFC rematch. It was a tribute to the victims of 9/11 and the fight itself was largely overshadowed by the incident. While Holyfield protested the rematch, he was not able to do so. The referee stepped in and halted the bout.

The rematch between the two former heavyweight champions was a highly anticipated bout. Holyfield, who has not fought since 2011, was forced to step aside due to COVID-19. He is approaching his 60th birthday, but it is too early to tell how much his fans have been waiting for this match. However, the match’s results show that Belfort is the real champion of mixed martial arts, and Holyfield was only the “few” among his rivals.

After the fight, the crowd applauded the rematch. Belfort immediately celebrated his victory, while Holyfield seemed to protest the outcome. After the bout, Belfort denied being injured during the post-fight celebration. In a post-fight interview with a former rival, Belfort seemed to show a smug attitude toward Paul. After all, Paul was the one to blame for Belfort’s previous accusations against him.

The fight between the two boxing legends is a must-see event. Belfort, who has previously fought in the UFC and MMA, scored a brutal knockout victory in the first round. Ortiz paid for his aggressive start when he got knocked down by the Brazilian legend. He landed a counter right hook that knocked Ortiz unconscious.

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The long-reigning champion of the UFC was knocked out by Vitor Belfort in his first fight in over 14 years. Holyfield had not boxed since 2011 and was up against a heavyweight champion. He had to settle for a rematch and was offered a fight by Belfort when the former champ backed out of his Oscar De La Hoya fight. Holyfield accepted the fight after Oscar De La Hoya testified about his relationship with Belfort.

After losing the fight to Holyfield, Belfort announced that he plans to continue boxing at the age of 44. He made the announcement in a post-fight press conference. Belfort said he planned to continue boxing at a later date and had made an offer to fight Jake Paul. Triller executives supported Belfort’s offer. The boxing match was a 30-million-dollar winner-take-all bout.

The ring announcers announced the fight a few minutes earlier. Trump had praised Holyfield in his undercard commentary. He made fun of President Joe Biden and also plugged his friend Dana White, who promotes the UFC. The president’s endorsement was a welcome touch of media attention for Belfort. This fight will likely be a great showdown for both fighters.

Despite his success in MMA, Belfort is a top contender in boxing. He had won 28 consecutive fights. His impressive resume includes wins over Ric Bowe, George Foreman, and Buster Douglas. It’s no wonder that he’s on the rise. If Belfort can keep up the pace of this rematch, he will have a long-term career as a top contender.

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