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Lunar Eclipse League Skins
As a Lunar Eclipse, you can now unlock the Lunar Eclipse Senna and Sun-Eater Kayle skins,
as well as the Sun-Eater Aatrox
. To obtain these new skins, visit the Loot tab of your League
Client and click on the Showcase Capsule. Choose between the Sun-Eater Kayle and Solar
Eclipse Sejuani for a rare cosmetic item.
Lunar Eclipse Senna’s skin
The Lunar Eclipse Senna’s skin is very different than the Prestige Edition. This skin uses violet
and gold colors to create an overall look of prestige. This skin’s theme is now golden. It is a
beautiful choice for fans of the Lunar eclipsing the planet. While most of Senna’s skins tie into
his Freljord heritage, this one uses a completely different style.
The splash art for this new skin features the majestic blue and purple color scheme. The skin
features a beautiful depiction of a League of Legends champion with elaborate armor and
powerful magical weapons. While the exact price has yet to be revealed, it is likely to be
around 1,350 RP. If you’re in the market for a new skin, make sure to check out the Lunar
Eclipse Senna.

The new skin features a more metallic look for Senna, as well as a shinier railgun. In addition,
the souls of Senna look like a moon symbol. Lastly, Senna’s hair will be brighter. Those
looking to make a bold statement in League of Legends should consider purchasing this skin
for their Senna. You’ll be glad you did!
Despite the fact that the release date for the Lunar Eclipse Senna skin has not been
confirmed, we can expect the Prestige Edition skin to drop later this month. Hopefully this skin
will be available after the Anima event is over. If you want to be able to purchase it now, there
will be a new Anima token drop tied to it. The Prestige Edition skin will also feature an
exclusive icon and border. And of course, it will also have a brand new capsule and emote. On
top of that, there will be a new feedback thread on r/LeaguePBE.

Riot Games has revealed the new League of Legends skins, including the Prestige Lunar
Eclipse Senna’s skin. The new League of Legends skins take their inspiration from the two
main factions in Targon, the Sun and the Moon. They’ve also made the Lunar Eclipse Senna’s
skin available in the PBE. These new skins will be available for the upcoming season of the
The Lunar Eclipse Senna’s skin looks like her favorite version of her older counterpart. The
colors are darker and the wings are pink and maroon. She’s a knight of the Eclipse, and her
mission is to patrol the Elderwood border with the great beast. She’s wild at heart and lives for
her battles with the Old Gods. So she has a unique look. But she’s also the most expensive.
Sun-Eater Kayle’s skin
The Lunar Eclipse Aatrox skin in the new version of the game has a lot of interesting features,
starting with its splash art. Aatrox is an ancient warrior from the days of the Eclipse Knights,
and the lunar corona consumed him. Regardless of the reason for his transformation,
Kayle is
the monstrous shadow of this great warrior. His full armor and fiery wings make him resemble
the sun.
The new Solar Eclipse Kayle skin for League of Legends is a long-awaited addition to the
Eclipse tier. The skin looks a lot like the boss from the Elden Ring. It’s an edgy take on the
angelic Kayle you know. Kayle is a powerful warrior, and this dark version of her is the perfect
way to rebalance the character. While the rest of her skins portray her as a sweet, angelic
figure, this new skin is more menacing and futuristic.
Solar Eclipse Sejuani’s skin in eclipse league is a little bit different than the other two. Instead
of symbols, the skin features purple and blue colors. The purple color is a symbol of the moon
and is present on her souls. While the new skin isn’t as flashy as the previous one, it still has
a modern appearance. The runes on her Q and E have been slowed down and her W timing
has been altered.

The new version of Sun-Eater Kayle’s wings have been transformed from green to maroon-
pink. She is a Knight of the Eclipse who patrols the Elderwood’s border against the great

beast. The dark-eyed goddess is a wild child at heart, and she enjoys battling the Old Gods.
So it’s no wonder that she’s so feared by so many!
If you are a newcomer to the game, you might have already noticed that there are a few new
skins for Kayle. The first one, Eclipse/Coven Kayle, is a popular choice amongst fans. The
game has a lot of great new skins, but this one stands out for its beauty. There are no new
animations, but the effects and colors are simply beautiful.
The next version of the event will add six new champion skin shards. You can get them by
completing the event’s Masterwork and Showcase Milestones. You can also get free skin
shards as part of the Eclipse Event. Lastly, you can earn more Chromas and new cosmetics.
Those are just a few of the many new features you’ll find in the game’s latest patch.
Lunar Eclipse Aatrox’s skin
The Lunar Eclipse Aatrox is a new skin for the game. This skin combines the colors of the
moon and the night sky, with an all-over purple hue. The basic attacks of this aatrox leave
purple marks on enemies. His Q and W buttons are also purple, while his Ultimate grows
purple steel wings. You can buy this skin on PBE servers for RP and loot boxes.
In addition to the new Aatrox skin, Lunar Eclipse skins will be available for Senna and Leona.
Aatrox will have two variants: a Prestige skin and a regular one. In addition, Leona will get a
new splash art and a high fashion prestige skin. The Prestige edition skins will be available at
the beginning of the year. As you can see, League of Legends is still bringing out new skins
for its champions. This month’s line includes Aatrox and Senna skins.
Along with these two new Lunar Eclipse Aatrox skins, the developers also announced two
other new skins for Aatrox and Sejuani. Both skins will feature Bilgewater themes and should
be available in a future patch. These skins have been released in live servers, and should be
available soon. The release date is still TBD, but we can expect them to arrive before the end
of the month.

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