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The End of BBC Sport Football

Until January 2013, the BBC’s brain trust imposed a strict schedule for a programme called ‘bbc sport football‘. Now, it appears that the BBC’s brain trust has thrown in the towel and scrapped the programme. In the past, the programme has included a bbc sport app, commentators, and a sports forum. But this weekend, the BBC has decided to axe the 5pm results service. That’s a shame and shows a complete disregard for the audiences.

BBC’s brain trust has dropped the guillotine on bbc sport football

The BBC’s brain trust has dropped the axe on a much-loved football programme. The 5pm results service, anchored by James Alexander Gordon and Charlotte Green, was axed last weekend. The programme, a fixture on BBC Sport, added a quasi-religious dimension to people’s lives and offered a framework for discussion and debate. But that’s not all that’s gone.

bbc sport app launched in January 2013

The BBC Sport app offers users access to live streams, video highlights and commentary from matches. The app is compatible with Android devices. It is currently rated four stars on Google Play. An iOS version of the app is also in the works. BBC Future Media executives said that audiences have shown a preference for apps and mobile browsers when accessing their services. However, they added that the app feels premature, given that there are so many other options available.

bbc sport commentators

BBC Sport has announced the line-up for its Euro 2020 coverage, with ex-professionals and pundits from the home nation all featured. Gabby Logan will present the opening game of England, Scotland and Wales exclusively on the BBC, and all 51 matches will be available via BBC Radio 5 Live. The line-up is rounded out by the presence of Gary Lineker, Gabby Logan, Eilidh Barbour, Mark Chapman and former internationals.

bbc sport website hosted an online sports forum

In 2000, the BBC Sport website hosted an online sports forum titled 606 – named after the start time of the BBC radio programme. It covered a variety of sports and featured individual pages for each team. Users had an account and could comment and rate topics related to their favourite team. Discussions were moderated by the BBC. A number of users remained active on the forum. The site also featured a discussion board where fans could interact with one another.

bbc sport’s Football Focus sets a weekly challenge

BBC sport’s Football Focus is a Saturday lunchtime staple. The show’s format is an informal discussion of the game, with a panel of pundits offering analysis and a weekly challenge. The programme’s presenter, Dan Walker, is a veteran of the role and has held it for 11 years. But it’s hard to distinguish it from other football programmes on television. That’s because of the high standard of analysis and the slick look of the show.

BBC’s rugby coverage

The BBC has long been a reliable and trustworthy broadcaster of rugby matches, but there is a problem with its rugby coverage this year. While the game is a great spectacle, the Beeb coverage of the Sevens World Cup is lacking in excitement. The broadcaster does not include half-time and post-game coverage. Furthermore, it does not feature adverts, which would improve the overall viewing experience. But this does not mean that the BBC’s coverage is bad – quite the opposite.

BBC’s darts coverage

The BBC has awarded a contract to an independent darts production company, TWI. TWI will produce darts coverage for BBC Sport in the coming months, including the Winmau World Masters in November and the World Professional Darts Championships in January. The move comes amid a review of the BBC’s independent quota. While many U.S. viewers have a preconceived notion about darts, BBC Broadcasting is keen to change that image and make the sport more accessible to the average American viewer.

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