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Home uniforms display team logo or insignia
While the home uniforms always display the team’s logo or insignia, some teams use different
wordmarks to indicate their different games or seasons. The most commonly used wordmark
on home uniforms is the team name, while alternate uniforms often feature a different team
insignia. The wordmarks used on home uniforms are listed below. In addition, you can view
examples of alternate uniforms.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the Mets used an alternate logo to distinguish their home jerseys
from their road uniforms. The logo consisted of a black skyline outlined in orange and white
block numerals. The Mets wore cap-style baseball caps with an orange “NY” crest, and a blue
button on the crown. The logo appeared as a patch on the left sleeve.
The new name of the Charlotte Hornets means that the uniforms are no longer the Bobcats.
They wear solid home whites with questionable road and alternate designs. During Opening
Night on Oct. 29, they will wear teal alternates. The court design is also different. The court
now displays a honeycomb-esque floor pattern. The new logo and colors were chosen by the
fans, and the team has made some changes to their uniforms as a result.
In 2010, the Mets’ home jerseys changed. The blue cap replaced the two-toned cap. The blue
cap was designated as the home cap and the pinstriped jersey was worn more often than the
two-toned cap. The black jerseys and all-black caps were only worn during select games and
special occasions. The Yankees also wore a throwback jersey without the white outline on the
cap logo.
The Washington D.C. Commanders are the new name of the pro football team in the District of
Columbia. The team will wear three new home uniforms: one in burgundy and gold, one with
gold lettering, and one with a black and red color scheme. A few years later, the black
uniforms will be replaced by blue. However, the black version was canceled after the 2012
season and replaced with the blue uniforms.
Throwback baseball uniforms often outfitted with stirrups or
If you are looking to create a vintage baseball look, consider wearing a set of knee-breeches
or stirrups with your uniform. Knee-breeches are traditionally worn with high socks and go over
the heel of the foot. These shoes give the appearance of a clean sock from a distance.
However, stirrups are a thing of the past, as players don’t typically wear them anymore.
The popular practice of stretching stirrups under the trouser legs is now being reversed. This
practice reveals the unseen striping on the outer socks. Only two franchises have remained
consistent in their uniform designs. The San Diego Padres and the Toronto Blue Jays have
changed theirs nearly every year.
Despite this constant change, the uniforms of the San
Francisco Giants and Montreal Expos are the most unique.
A look back to the 1860s is a fascinating study in the history of uniforms. A uniform in solid
black and yellow-orange was more appropriate for a Sousa band than a baseball team in the
early twentieth century. Although spiffy in its day, it was garish in the 1970s and 1980s. The
coat was double-breasted with large pearl buttons and 2-tone trimmings.
A throwback baseball uniform often outfitted with knee-breeches or stirrups is an interesting
way to create a retro look. In the early 1900s, many teams outfitted their players in stirrups to

be able to play catch. The Chicago White Sox, who were the pioneers, used this style. While it
was controversial at first, fans favored it.
Alternate jerseys
Several alternate jerseys were made by professional teams during the last decade. The Mets
used their blue road jerseys in 2014,
with a new patch on the left sleeve that features Mr. Met
in a running pose. Unlike the primary logo, the patch does not contain the name of the
ballpark, a policy that MLB has enforced since the 1990s. However, a similar logo that
contains “Citi Field” was created for signage, publications, and other contexts. The Mets’ home
version of the black alternate jersey continued to be worn in road games until the 2013 all-star
The New York Mets have been using a similar black and white logo since the 1960s. The logo
was introduced in 1962 and was used on both home and road uniforms. However, the team
also used a light blue alternate jersey for a year, and then replaced it with a dark blue
alternate for the next season. These alternate jerseys are based on the original uniform and
are largely interchangeable.
The Los Angeles Dodgers have also recently discontinued their powder blue alternate jersey.
This set is no longer considered an official alternate jersey, but it may still show up as a
special throwback uniform in the near future. The Cleveland Indians will wear a white and red
alternate jersey in 2022, and the New York Mets will change theirs as well. The Philadelphia
Phillies will also adopt a new alternate jersey for their season.
The Dodgers’ new alternate jersey introduced the pinstripe design. It resembled the original
Mets’ uniform from 1962. The Mets also have a white jersey with blue piping. They wore this
alternate uniform from 2010 to 2012, and will wear it again in Juneteenth. These are just some
of the notable jerseys from this era. There is no denying the historical significance of these
The Mets have two alternative home uniforms. Both jerseys are button-downs. The blue jersey
has orange script outlined in white. The orange “NY” wordmark is in a cursive script. The white
jerseys are complemented by thin blue-orange-blue piping along the pants’ sides. The blue
jersey is also worn by the Mets in road games. In addition, the road uniform features a white
undersleeve, and the orange “NY” logo is centered over the left sleeve.
No commercial advertisements on baseball uniforms
While there’s no official word on this yet, Major League Baseball has talked about selling
advertising space on player uniforms as a way to recoup lost revenue. As it stands, players
will continue to sport their team name, player number and last name, and likely a corporate
logo. The owners want to get more revenue from the game and will likely sell advertising
space on the uniforms as a way to make up for their lost revenue.
This move has created a backlash from fans, but MLB commissioner Bud Selig made it clear in
a recent interview with ESPN Radio that he doesn’t plan to allow any commercial
advertisements on baseball uniforms. While the NBA has allowed advertisements on their
uniforms, and is expected to make $100 million from the marketing, MLB is reluctant to allow
any commercials. The league has yet to decide whether or not the players’ union will agree to
a change.
Another major league team announced this week that it plans to let Motorola advertise on its
players’ uniforms.
The company has pledged to remove the prohibition by the end of 2023. In
addition to placing ads on the uniforms, the team will also allow product brands on players’
helmets. Regardless of whether these teams are letting commercial ads appear on players’
uniforms or not, it’s unlikely they’ll be successful.
Since the rule was implemented, several teams have tried to incorporate advertisements on
their sleeves. The New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, for example, wore sleeve
advertisements for Ricoh and Pepsi. The Oakland Athletics, who won the New York-Penn
League championship last year, had ads for EMC and Ricoh on their uniforms. In addition to
this, the Seattle Mariners have included branding for Boeing and Gloops on their uniforms.

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