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There is a ton of information surrounding the 2021 WWE Crown Jewel card. Whether it will be held on the first Saturday in December or on July 20th, we have it all covered. From the Reigns vs Lesnar match to Becky Lynch vs Sasha & Bianca, the King of the Ring finals to the Queen’s Crown finals, we have you covered. In addition, we’ve compiled some of our favorite match cards of the past couple of years.

Reigns vs Lesnar

WWE will host Crown Jewel 2021 and Roman Reigns will be defending his Universal Championship. In the past, these two have competed against each other, but it is possible that they could do a no-contest match. In any case, the WWE has been betting on Roman Reigns to win the WWE championship. The Paul Heyman angle is also helping build this potential match. In the future, whoever wins the match will win the WWE title and his manager.

The WWE is heading to Saudi Arabia for the 2021 Crown Jewel event. It will take place at the Mohammed Abdu Arena in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, and is expected to attract a sell-out crowd. The event’s card includes Roman Reigns defending his WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar, and Big E will face Drew McIntyre to retain his title. Becky Lynch will also be defending the SmackDown women’s championship in a triple threat match with Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, and Nia Jax.

Despite the pre-show match, we aren’t sure how these two will end up on the main event. Roman Reigns’ title defense is far from a given, but he will have to be able to defend it against Drew McIntyre. The reigning champion will face the biggest challenge of his career, but he’s already faced a number of superstars this year.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha & Bianca

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 pay-per-view begins on Oct. 21 in Saudi Arabia and will mark the return of the company to the Kingdom. The occasion will also mark the last event before the company changes its Draft rules. Brock Lesnar will make his in-ring comeback and fight Roman Reigns. Becky Lynch will defend the SmackDown women’s championship against Sasha Banks.

WWE hasn’t been very good at booking two faces in a feud, so it’s not that surprising that a member of the New Day could retain the title at Crown Jewel. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch will defend the SmackDown Women’s title against Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks. A title match will be the main event at Crown Jewel.

While the match between Reigns and Lashley is highly anticipated, there are also rumors circulating about a Triple Threat match. It’s very possible that the Triple Threat match will be the show-stealing match of the night. If this is the case, the match could be the first of many title rematches. The first WWE Crown Jewel was held in Saudi Arabia and women weren’t allowed to compete there. In fact, the ring was never open to women before the WWE signed the deal with the Saudi government.

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 will feature nine matches. The card will feature four Championship bouts, the finals of the Queen’s Crown Tournament, and a Hell in a Cell confrontation. YouTube has announced that Ross Tweddell and Andrew Hodkinson will stream the event live to raise money for Amnesty International. Both men have given their predictions for the show.

Doudrop vs Zelina Vega

A feud between Zelina Vega and Doudrop is expected to come to a head at the WWE Crown Jewel 2021 card. The feud has been on the cards since the two met on Smackdown. Doudrop has a recent history of flattery and deception, and her brief absence from the company hurt her momentum. This is a perfect opportunity for Doudrop to make a statement and put the singles champs on notice. Doudrop’s first feud with Seth Rollins was so intense that he even attempted to break Edge’s neck. Vega, who is more confident, is a definite threat.

In the main event, the reigning WWE champion Roman Reigns faces Brock Lesnar. The winner of the match will be crowned as the WWE Champion. Doudrop is also expected to win the Women’s Championship. Zelina Vega’s title is currently held by Becky Lynch, while Goldberg holds the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Other main events on the WWE Crown Jewel 2021 card include a Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar main event. The event will also feature a No Holds-Barred match between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley, which could be the most brutal encounter of the year. Rk-Bro and Omos will also face off for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

King of the Ring vs Queen’s Crown finals

The finals of the WWE King of the Ring and Queen’s Cup tournaments are set for this Thursday’s WWE Crown Jewel event. Xavier Woods, who beat Jinder Mahal on Monday Night Raw, will face Finn Balor in the King of the Ring finals. Zelina Vega will face Doudrop in the Queen’s Crown finals. The winner of the match will be crowned the 2021 WWE King of the Ring.

The King of the Ring vs Queen’S Crown tournament is set to return in 2021. The tournaments are a great opportunity for wrestlers to prove their mettle and showcase their talents. The WWE King of the Ring tournaments are a long time coming, and are one of the most anticipated events in the company. The tournaments are scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

The King tournament will return in 2019 and the Queen’s Crown tournament will debut in 2021. The King tournament has been running intermittently since 1985 and has produced such stars as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar. Those who have won the King of the Ring title have gone on to win the Queen’s Crown. However, the King tournament has not been without its share of controversy.

Large E vs. Drew McIntyre

The WWE Crown Jewel 2021 match card is taking shape. There are two more big matches planned, including the title match between Big E and Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre recently challenged Big E to a WWE Championship match, which they eventually won. Big E also defeated Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler in the match, which will serve as McIntyre’s last one-on-one match with the Monday Night Raw roster before moving to Friday Night SmackDown.

At the start of the match, Big E has the upper hand. McIntyre has to work on his backside, and a Neckbreaker by Big E is a great spot for a double neckbreaker. McIntyre fought back with the Bulldog, but the ring announcers stop the match. However, the crowd cheers loudly for Big E. The Big Ending is a classic finish.

Big E and Drew McIntyre’s feud started back at Money in the Bank, but the WWE champ had already won it. Both of them went to the ring to set up the match. During the opening Raw segment, the WWE champion and his crown jewel opponent walked into the ring. The referee was forced to intervene, and both men got in a brawl outside the ring.

Drew McIntyre vs Liv Morgan

We have all seen the Drew McIntyre versus Liv Morgan match, but how will this year’s Crown Jewel match card start? This is a great match with plenty of fun possibilities. Each man has held a WWE Championship or Universal Championship, and they both have legitimate claims to the WWE Championship. In addition, the match features four different personalities and wrestlers.

If Drew McIntyre wins this match, she will be the first woman ever to win the WWE crown jewel card. Liv Morgan’s title defense will prove to be a real test, and fans will be eager to see it. In the women’s division, Liv Morgan has been a mainstay for over a decade. However, her recent losses will show her limitations in the main event.

In the women’s division, Drew McIntyre has a strong presence in the ring, but Liv Morgan is not a fan favorite. The WWE Universe has largely ignored her in the past, and Liv Morgan has finally received the push she needs in singles competition. However, it’s unlikely she’ll raise her title on New Year’s Day.

Another match with major implications will be the title match between Big E and Drew McIntyre. After Crown Jewel, Drew McIntyre could start a feud with Big E and end up in a WWE title match. However, WWE usually doesn’t book two faces in a feud, so it’s hard to say who will win the championship. But, if the match ends up as a title match, the New Day member would be the overwhelming favorite.

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